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September 21, 2008





It's enough to give you indigestion!!


So many things cost much more money and don't deliver pleasure even close to equaling that of eating a fine meal at any price. Sure somewhere down the line greed plays a role but essentially diners are paying for art.

I do wonder how many of the patrons will ever actually cook from their books.


hi sounds excessive but i currently am head chef where poeple spend 1000+ on food and wine everyday, our meals start @ 8 usd till 140 per plate, wine from 60 - 3000usd, its all rellevent to your resources from a guests point of view, the amount of money you spend is also irrelevent to the quality of the food eanten.
mostly greed is not a factor for chefs remember we just want to serve the best food we can and sometimes the best products cost a lot, it would be a shame to deprive your self of eating from two of the best chefs of our day, imagine watching mozart live what would you pay?

thomas and grant keep leading the way with great food

autsralian chef


I find myself trying to rationalize it, and even in rationalizing, I think there are some things that are not worth it. I have never been someone who longed to be rich or eat expensive foods. My idea of an expensive meal is two people, $60 USD. I suppose to some people this is the only way to live. I think there are more important things. If I had a choice between a $1500 dining experience and feeding people in poverty, I would rather my money go to feeding people who are actually hungry.

H. Barnwell

I am entering into this discussion late, I know, but a someone who sees the final bill of many diners at one of Thomas Keller's establishments, I frequently see diner's spend more than $1500 a head on a Sunday lunch...I also see bills on occasion that exceed my gross pay for the year. Depressing? A little. But there are also diner's who scrimp and save to have an exciting, delicious, laboriously prepared, and luxuriously delivered meal. Both were in attendance at this dinner. It was the Super Bowl for Food Fans. The Chefs would not offer such a thing if there were not an eager audience. To each his own.


Wow $1500 a head on a Sunday lunch, I wish its worth it.

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