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September 22, 2008



Too rich for my blood, but I appreciate the follow-up.


Yeah -- it's still too much for me to consider spending on the experience -- I'm not sure I would get $1500 of appreciation out of it. But I do think it's quite impressive that you got the email -- I'm glad the chefs are paying attention to what's being written and stopping to explain further when that's helpful and/or necessary.


oh good, because at some point, I really do want to go to Per Se, and I was going to be feeling really really bad about it.


I wouldn't or didn't ever disregard the hard costs, to the contrary I just felt they needed to be understood and considered. Either way - it's out of my league until I win a lottery.


Jeff Shattuck

No need to eat crow! Keller and crew should have realized that doing something this extravagant in our war torn, recession laden and generally bummed out economy might not exactly enhance their image. If I were them, I would take your email as a darn good reminder for why it's always smart to put a little prep time into how you present something BEFORE you present it.

Off to McDonald's...


I love you for always saying what you think and for always being so fair. You should be proud of saying what everyone was thinking -- it got us all the answer we were looking for.

the girl whose husband really wants to go and just might bamboozle her into doing it (and now she doesn't have to feel like a total ass for it).


Man, that's a really good point, Jeff.


good to know the facts but still too steep for my wee pocket!

Josh Neumann

I applaud him for taking the time to contact you, that's customer service in action.


it sounds to me like you had an honest opinion about this event, and then you got your wrists slapped by Alinea, and now you're basically pimping out that it could be a reasonable price tag.
Fact of the matter is, that it's not reasonable. $1500 for dinner? Not in today's times, and the more we all promote this, the more the bar gets raised (monetarily).


I know you are very preoccupied these days. I just want to wish you a spectacularly happy day tomorrow.

Bob LaGatta

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