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June 14, 2008



Dublins cool as long as you like rain! Sorry you're feeling wierd about it though. I really loved it when I went there and I know my couple of friends there are really happy.


I spent 3 months in Dublin South in autumn, 2007. I'm about to go back for a few weeks and only wish I could spend a lifetime there, and one of the main attractions is: FOOD. Local, gorgeous, incredible quality produce, dairy, and religiously guarded beef cattle.
To break yourself in to the idea that eating in Dublin can be lovely, have supper at EAT UP, the cafe portion of the DONNYBROOK FAIR (grocery). Also, the Irish really do know how to make lovely soups, and in the autumn there's nothing so lovely as a Dublin coddle made with fresh cider.
Can you remember beautiful, crunchy tart and sweet apples from when you were a child? You'll find them in abundance in Ireland. Figs grow in people's backyards, and strawberries are still in season in the fall. And if you need a huge dose of sun, hop down to Spain for a week.
More than that, though, as with Vancouver BC, the reputation for perpetual rain is exaggerated. It may rain often, but in 3 months of autumn weather I only had actually to *open* my umbrella once, and only for a few minutes. Mist isn't really rain, and we oughtn't to call it such.
I hope you will love it.


"Once" does make it attractive. Except for the part where I have to sing. That's not attractive at all.


my son and I went to Ireland some years ago and he fell in love with a sandwich that I remembed beng called chicken tikka and sausage rolls. any Idea of a recipe for either would be greatly appreciated

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