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March 15, 2008



Cat- I have tons of caterer recommendations/contacts-- I'm planning events now and have recently received proposals from 20+ caterers.. let's tawk!


One of my friends does wedding catering and flowers; she also does day-of coordination. See www.christinesflowers.com. She's in Healdsburg and is the embodiment of calm and reassuring.

I also like recommending Jennifer Daily for flowers: http://www.jenniferdaily.com/. (Not that you asked...)


I like the "living room events" people
though i have never had their wedding food, I've eaten their food at another event and it was good.


Hey Catherine,

I've done flowers and helped coordinate over 12 weddings of friends and family, and love sharing resources, so let me know if you want opinions on anything.
My favorite wedding that I went to recently was at Barndiva. Terrible name, but beautiful setting, food and drinks!


Ever since I read the first post I've been wondering why that spot and if it was planned or spur of the moment. Was it the tacos?

Maybe now I have the answer; it was in air (er, on the sidewalk).

You cute kids:-)

The Cooking Ninja

Congratulations ! wow :) That's a very special spot to remember. settings.

Tiffany has some really nice rings.

malachy walsh

It's a perfect place to get engaged. No gag necessary.

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