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February 24, 2008



Beauty is good; quiet is also good. We need both of these things in our lives--birds, too!


I love the Year of Beauty, and I love the bird theme as well. Keep posting. I miss you!


um. remember Aqua? You'll have to see if you can make a second exception just for me...?


I understand, I've been quiet. And when I don't want to be quite, I'm not feeling like I want to talk about food. I'm wondering if food blogs have a set lifespan...or perhaps just mine.

I love your year of beauty. I've just succumbed to Etsy myself. First purchase arrived this week, it won't be my last.

Happy birdies to you!


Hey Cat,

Clay is SOOOO jealous that you got to shoot Mike Rowe! I dead serious. He's obsessed (In a very manly way.. of course ;)

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