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February 22, 2008



This is another one of those fads that I have never picked up on. However, after this post, whenever anybody brings up Lost, I will simply say, "This season? Yawn." and walk away very cooly.


I couldn't tell what Kate said at the very end to her baby. Did you hear it? It's interesting to watch the enhanced repeat of the previous week's show at 8pm on Thursday, just before the new episode airs.It gives insight & a clue now & then about something that's happening. It may not be the most exciting season, but we're still very much into it!


ha - i just realised I completely forgot to keep watching it after two episodes. Thanks for reminding me. I'll turn back to it during the next bout of insomnia..


so at your prodding I just caught up with Kate and her baby. At least they are giving away clues now and loose ends are starting to get tied up. So we have seen four survivors back in the real world. Who is the fifth and final? I am assuming Ben doesn't count. Or is it the fourth one, the one who was in the coffin?

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