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December 09, 2007



You made even this latest crisis funny (sorry, but I was in "stitches" (sorry again) reading this--especially knowing you). AND especially after the man schemes tape--SO true! Must hand it to Jeff--he seemed to take it all in stride. "Long may you rave!" That's a quote from the Yayas.


Geez. Never a dull moment with you two, is there?


Holy. Crap. I can't wait for your next medical procedure(s). Good luck with the bleeding and the cleaning up from the bleeding.

Sorry for your loss, Jeff. I hope it wasn't your favorite finger.


Even though I knew about this already, reading the long version threw me through a whole gamut of emotions. That's a pretty gripping piece of writing there Catherine. I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't so fond of Jeff! Poor lamb.


Oy, can you guys stop with the self-mutilation over there already?

Jennifer Jeffrey

Here's hoping there is no more fluid-letting of any kind in your household at least until 2008.

Carolyn T

Oh my gosh - I was laughing hysterically reading your post. At the time of these kinds of emergencies nothing, nothing whatsoever, is funny. I feel your angst. My husband has had a couple of close calls, and I've had to call 911 several times. What IS it about talking to 911 that makes one tongue-tied. I'm NEVER tongue-tied. Only afterwards, can you look back and find the humor. I read your entire post out loud to my husband, who laughed also. Hope you're both on the serious mend, here!


Reading this made my butt hurt. Seriously. I flinched so hard I rose two inches off my chair.

Is this the end of the Year from Hell for you two?

Count your blessings...that's right, all the way up to nine and a half, Jeff. (And enjoy your love, which keeps things in perspective.)

Take care, honeys.


I'm so sorry this happened Catherine. Face it-Jeff and I are doomed!

You are SO understanding!!!!!

malachy walsh


Dave Tutin

Wow. As a fellow guitar player I never laughed once!! I have nightmares along these lines. I hope this doesn't put a dent in your playing. I know Django played with only two fingers on his left hand but we ain't all him!


damn, this post freaked me out. I'm wondering why couldn't they re-attach it? That pissed me off! I wanted a happy ending! Sorry for Jeff's loss, i'd be devastated!

Take care you two, you guys are meant for each other!


Hilarious! And helpful to know what to do if that ever happens.

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