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December 04, 2007



I only hope that someday, when I get my very own colonoscopy, it will be half as funny as yours. And I hope that my sphincter, too, may be worthy of commendation.

You crack me up! Best wishes during your anal probing!


Your ability to keep me laughing in light of such an event is awe-inspiring!


At the end of the day, after the doc snares a polyp for testing, the prep is more hype than anything else.

Jennifer Jeffrey


This sounds quite... uncomfortable.

Hope you're feeling *much* better today, and that the pizza-carbonara-fest helped to make up for the suffering.


Oh wow, how timely. I just got a notice from Kaiser reminding me to schedule one myself. Hope things go well with yours.


but it just makes me even more scared for what I too must do. I am not sure I could laugh about it. You are a better woman than I.


Again we laughed! I salute your spirit in the face of pooping adversity!

shuna fish lydon

Wow, I cannot believe you wrote about this. So. Brave.

All I can say is I am still thinking about how horrible that liquid tasted. You might forever think of solid food in a different, better, more loving way.

Way to go Trooper! Just think, not another one until @ 5 years from now! Woo Hoo!

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