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August 29, 2007


jen maiser

You know, I only went to Eos this year for the first time. As the self-appointed ice cream taster for the city, I have an obligation to check this out.


Oh c'mon. Everyone knows that ice cream doesn't take up any space in the stomach. It just fills in the gaps between what's already in there.


I used to frequent Eos with an ex but haven't been there for years. I used to love their cocktails and even their brussle sprouts but can't remember dessert, Good to hear they are still going strong.


Oh my goodness, every one of those flavors sounds amazing. The world needs more Thai food!


Chocolate with ginger? Mmmm--and that's within walking distance of my house! (yes, I'm coming back for a few months). Will certainly have to check out the ice cream.

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