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August 07, 2007



It's the start of Birthday week! Yay!

I went to Foreign Cinema for brunch on Sunday with Enidd and Del4yo and it really was the best brunch ever, so next time we will have to go there instead. I think they even have potatoes to do battle with Maverick's. We went late at 2pm and much wine was consumed but not by me because I stupidly drove. Next time I am going to get Fred on the bus if it kills me.


PS - i thought i saw apples already at the Farmers Market. I think the season has started.

jen maiser

I thought Maverick's brunch was meh as well. But the potatoes -- you're right. I tried to recreate them at home on Sunday. I liked them that much. They came out ok, though I did them in the oven and I think the M. ones might have been deep-fried. I really loved that cool table we were sitting at, though.

Sam's right -- at least Gravensteins are here. But crunch away on your non-local apple. :) I won't tell.

The Cooking Ninja

Have a great birthday on Sunday! It's certainly wonderful when our other half remembers our birthday and do something special to surprise us. :)

Jennifer Jeffrey

Can't wait to find out where you're going for the big day.

Happy Birthday in advance!


HBTY!!!! Has Mr. FM given you even a teensy little hint? Told you how to dress? Can't wait to find out where you go. AND--I can vouch for Nua! It is beyond delicious!


I'm with you on hating the candle-in-the-dessert-and-singing-waiters thing! Always embarrasses the heck out of me. Last time, I implored with big eyes the waiter _not_ to sing! He was surprised and quite disappointed, but he was also kind so he didn't.


Happy Birthday! (I too am against the restaurant singing--awful!). Hope you have a lovely and delicious time, wherever it is.


Happy Birthday (is Mr. FM available for remembering-your-better-half's-birthday lessons?).


I, too, thought that brunch was not worth repeating EXCEPT for (a) the pancakes and bacon and (b) their proximity to Bi-Rite.


Happy birthday to you! I hope your surprise is fabulous!

I also have to laugh at the Maverick reference--around Salt Lake there is a chain of gas stations/convenience stores called Maverick. I couldn't help but picture you having brunch next to the fountain drinks and sunglasses rack. (Although the Mavericks here do have in-house bakeries and make some pretty awesome breadsticks.)

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