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August 02, 2007



thanks for giving me one of these.
I liked it.
Though I do admit it makes me want to make a similar version with bacon nibbles on the outside instead of nuts.

Jennifer Jeffrey

You are writing up a storm over there! Your keyboard must be smoking...!

Great work. These look amazing.


It is hard to even imagine this combination, but anything with chocolate almost has to be a winner!


great post at bay area bites - i'm intrigued - your description sounds fantastic i'm going to have to buy some....thank you!


Sam -- Mmm, bacon.

Jennifer -- I AM a busy bee, but writing about yummy truffles like these is lots of fun!

Mom -- It is hard to believe, but an independent tasting panel of 4 people other than me all agreed -- even one who doesn't like blue cheese!

Alison -- let me know what you think if you order some!

The Cooking Ninja

My other half would say chocolates and blue cheese ... heaven! :)


i loved this post

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