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July 19, 2007



"Give it up for Sex'al Chocolate!"



sexual chocolate is real?

ha ha ha ha HA

I am so writing a less sober post about this too, as soon as I get home from work.

when can we go again?

Alembic I love you too. Like love at first site, like real love that will last until it kills me.


Sweet jesus lord ... loads of fun but I'm paying for it today. Let's do it again. :-)

jen maiser

The drinks are amazing, but the staff I'd just like to take home with me. Could they have been any nicer to us? Glad this was a home run.

I'm with Sean. Would it be completely wrong to just call it a day and go to be right now?


Sexual Chocolate is a real thing! I was trying to explain it last night to...someone? And how it's from "Coming to America" and how it's one of my favorite scenes in a movie ever. It's just so bizarre.

I am going out tomorrow to snag me some of that elderflower stuff. God, I can't wait to go back.

The staff was awesome and so patient and understanding and total magicians.

I think this is my new favorite bar -- above Bourbon & Branch, above Cantina, and above Nopa. Next time, I won't eat beforehand so I can try the food.

I did see someone getting cake and ice cream, so they must have desserts beyond that coffee-beer-wine drink.


You even make getting drunk sound classy! :)

Jennifer Jeffrey

A rare delight when the staff is just as wonderful as the drinks. Loved my Sazerac!

You MUST post a pic of those purple heels. I'm dying to see them.


Jen & Sean -- we must talk. I felt great the next morning! But then, I don't get hangovers. It's strange. Go ahead, hate me. Anyway, Jen, great idea. Thanks for "hosting"!

Stephanie -- only you would know this...

Tiffany -- that makes me so proud! I swear, this was the coolest bar, and I bet they also make the best most interesting non-alcoholic drinks, too.

Jennifer -- I am awfully tempted...

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