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July 10, 2007



A great ending to the day. You are loved!

The Cooking Ninja

Love ... coming home after a full day of exams on your birthday to find a beautiful bouquet of tulips on the dinning table with a plate of nice juicy steak and my favourite sauce and salad waiting for me - all made by my better who even serve me wine and bought yummy desserts from our favourite bakery and feed and put baby to bed. :) Aren't they such sweeties.


Swoon. ;)


Love is also coming home after a long day at at the office and whipping up a batch of homemade pasta for an open face mushroom and bacon lasagne from scratch, or perhaps roasting a pork belly, mashing potatoes and steaming sorrel for dinner. That's the way round that 'Love Is...' works in our household.

But at least I have control. I am not happy if I am not in control of my kitchen. perhaps 'Love His' that he has worked that distinction out.



Mom -- I am!

Cooking Ninja -- Wowza!

Tiffany -- I know, right?

Sam -- you are too cute! I thought the card he gave you for your birthday (or was it before surgery?) was sweetness personified.


Mr. FM rocks!


Awww. That makes me happy to hear.

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