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July 20, 2007



does it have jodi? I tried to sign up for basics two and it was already full and i so bummed as I looked a couple of weeks ago and there were 11 spots still left.


This is way too tempting to resist. I'll be grabbing a copy.


Sam -- No, I wrote it long before I took Jodi's class. Darnit! Plus, I figure most people have heard of Tante Marie's.

Stephanie -- goodie!


did you see the article in SF magazine?
Have you been to ramekins - we should do a group trip


Yes, I did, and of course I was immediately consumed with outrage. How dare they trump me, when my story had been written for months! But it's okay, even though they love June and Shuna too, they had a lot of different classes I'd never heard of and really enjoyed learning about. What is ramekins?

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