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July 11, 2007



i am thinking of takinf fred here for his biethday on Saturday. But thinking is as far as I have got to be honest. since i am not going to make a reservation, I guess its unlikely. But I know he wants to go one day...


I'm not sure if it's birthday-worthy; the interior is nicely done, and the meat is to die for (I'm still licking my chops over that pork) but unless it's full, it's not a very festive atmosphere. I'm not sure if you'd need a reservation, you could always try to dash in. The night we went (Tues.) wasn't very full but that's probably not a good indication of the weekend.


oh - I heard it was a crazy party at weekends.
Maybe that is the kind of meal people really only want at weekends?


Thanks for the review! I have two real meat-eating friends who will love this place! I'll enjoy trying it!

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