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July 22, 2007



That is so cool that they're doing this. It must coincide with restaurant deliveries: how wonderful for y'all in the city!


this is very covenient for me as i walk past piccino on the way back from work every night at 6.45. Only problem is, much as I like Marquita and would love to support them, I have absolluutely no need for $25 worth of vegetables on a Thursday night, i think.

If only they would sell me elderflowers.

I will send the link to my firend who lives spitting distance from Piccino and who has invited us for dinner on Thursday night though, maybe he'll be able to make us something with lots of basil in it!


PS - I just remembered something kind of ironic. The reason my friend - the one who lives in spitting distance of Piccino - moans about their pizza so loudly is because they didn't put basil on his Margherita and as he points out a Mergherita isn't a Margherita without the Basil.

Sounds like they'll have no excuse from now on...


Tana -- I am sure a lot of people are thrilled!

Sam -- Be careful what you wish for. Do you really want to be distilling your own liqueur? Think of the yogurt accident...

Tell him to make a big batch of pesto. It freezes well and it's great to have stashed away come winter.

michael jones

That was interesting! I am glad about that! All that will help me with my picky eater diet! Really good for me!

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