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July 08, 2007



Looks/sounds delish! AND according to Paula Deen, you can NEVER have too much butter (or high cholesterol, as the case may be)!

jeanne bee

what a baking coincidence...I made a blueberry coffee cake on Saturday--and a very similiar recipe. the only variation was 3x as much b.pwdr; I also substituted cardamom for cinnamon and baked it in a 7" springform--it's a tall beauty!

Yours in the cosmic kitchen! :-)


Mr FM's coffee cake rocks! :)

The Cooking Ninja

I'm already drooling over your Mr FM's coffee cake.


Mom -- Amen, Paula!

Jeanne -- I guess blueberry love is in the air!

Cynthia -- if only you had had a taste.

Cooking Ninja -- I was going to bring the leftovers into work but they somehow disappeared...

Doug Cress

That reminds me of the cake my parents used to pick up from a little bakery. This looks every bit as delicious. Although the one I'm familiar with employed a crumbly brown sugar/butter crumbling crust and was slightly taller.


That's a good husband you got there.

I always enjoy your comments on my blog, by the way. I have some Southern family, myself, so we'll have to compare notes once I finish with the Italians.

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