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July 23, 2007



I am glad you posted this. I wanted to mention the jams, but I didn't want to beat you to the punch.

The Cooking Ninja

Home made fruit jams are the best. My PIL makes blackberries jam every year.Sometimes they also make cherry jams from their garden.


Sam -- can't wait to read what you have to say. If you want your photos back holler at me.

Ninja -- I agree. My sister made a lot of strawberry jam last year, and it tasted so fresh, fresh in a way that even small-batch jams just don't. It is probably the best jam I have ever had.


you're making me hungry - sounds delicious!

shuna fish lydon

Between me, you, and now Sam, we will make this gal fameuse yet! Thanks for the head's up about the new flavors...I am sending a recruit to pick some Tayberry up in my absence.

Now if we could only get someone to help her out with a website...

Noodle Princess

Fresh fruit jams seem like such an obvious breakfast item and yet so difficult to get other than those little pots of industrial jam, which for me is basically useful in case of a nuclear incident.. These look amazing!

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