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June 26, 2007



Yes, I know where the hot summer days are: here in VB! Yesterday it was near 95 with lots of humidity--felt like an oven when you walked out of a building! More of the same today.

The Cooking Ninja

Interesting recipe indeed :) I have to try it out.


Interesting....I've always wanted to join the gazpacho...


I used to work for Chef Brennan and made this gazpacho every summer. The recipe is accurate except for that we added a splash of white ver jus. This might have been omitted in this adaptation assuming many home cooks don't use ver jus. The texture and flavor is improved by allowing the ingredients to soak a bit after the first pureeing before straining. The almonds soften and infuse the soup. Maybe soak 1 hr in the fridge. I love it served with shrimp or octopus roasted with smoked paprika.


Yeah, I think verjus is hard to come by. Thanks for the tip about letting it sit, however; I should try that next time.

Carolyn T

Sounds REALLY good. Now I know what to do with a little bit of my ver jus that I have in my pantry!


I've been in search of an ajo blanco recipe since I did some research on the history of gazpacho recently. Can't wait to try this! Thanks.

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