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June 12, 2007


shuna fish lydon

See what can happen when your mouth is shut until the exact right moment?

I'm like this too. If someone is in my kitchen I have to chat with them from a distance. Because I soooo love to have people cook for me, I try to keep my mouth shut until they're putting the yums in my mouth.


Oh my gosh, this is so funny. Love the dead man walking image.

I'm awfully impressed at what you have sitting in your fridge at any one moment. Our thrown-together pizza would have cottage cheese, Diet Coke, old chicken, and Gogurts all over it. Yikes!



I love this story! You and mr. FM are so adorable. I can just picture it all.


Shuna -- lest you misunderstand, my issue isn't being chatty, it's being bossy! Much worse, I am sure.

Tiffany -- to be fair, we had the dough, tomato sauce, and mozzarella because I'd planned to make pizza the day before. But it's amazing what you can do with a few odds and ends if you set your mind to it. Before he got going, I was desperately wondering how a beet-and-corn-on-the-cob pizza would taste. (Yucky was my ultimate decision.) BTW, I have never mentioned how hilarious I find your addiction to Gogurts. I've never had one and I kind of feel like I'm missing out.

Sabrina -- you are so sweet! Sorry we didn't get to chat much on Saturday but it was good seeing you again.


I enjoyed the copy of your post but from the moment I looked at the pic, I knew that Mr. FM kicked (%& (didn't want to be lude on your blog)

I'm not a pizza lover but this, I would definitely want to eat. Go Mr. FM, you rock!


Dispatch: Somewhere in Afghanistan.

I can't disclose my precise location, but Mr. FM has authorized me to provide clarification on last night's meal planning and execution. (Mr. FM parachuted in earlier from a high altitude stealth bomber, which he boarded shortly after the dinner in question, while Ms. FM slept soundly.) Mr. FM would like Food Musings' readers to know that the meal was not as haphazard as it was described. Sure, Mr. FM made do with what was in the fridge, but it was not because of an oversight or lack of forethought. Rather, he was busy most of the day planning the details of the Afghan mission, Operation Osama Yo Mama, on which he is currently deployed. Further, given Mr. FM's experience in having to be innovative in a time of crisis, facing an ill-stocked fridge shortly before having to make dinner hardly rates as stressful. For example, there was an earlier Afghan mission for which Mr. FM had to train a team of bacteria how to infiltrate a Russian-built defense facility and disable it, so that he could pilot a robotic condor behind enemy lines. Well, the bacteria got sidetracked by a tempting petri dish that the Taliban were using to make meth, and failed to complete their mission. Unaware of the development, Mr. FM flew his condor with confidence, not knowing what potential disaster lay ahead, until the Taliban spotted him and in a fit of meth rage launched 71 surface to air missiles his way. (A bit more stressful than facing an less-than-well-stocked fridge, wouldn't you say? Right.) Thinking fast, Mr. FM used his satellite phone to hack into the remainder of the Iridium system, which was launched by Motorola back in the '90s, and hijack a transponder, so that he could relay a message to a remote controlled meteor. The meteor plunged into the atmosphere, several miles above Mr. FM and then, following Mr. FM's codes, rocketed to a point where it would come between Mr. FM and the missiles, thus attracting the missiles to its heat signature and pulling them away from Mr. FM. As an added bonus, the missiles and the meteor slammed into one of Osama Bin Laden's trusted stashes of Western porn, destroying it utterly and depriving Bin Laden of some of his favorite cave reading materials and one of his best sources of bribe materials. Damn! Would love to continue, but we've just come under attack from suicide rodents. Clever, those Taliban.


All I can say is----you guys need to write a book!


OK, so if the post itself wasn't super-cute and funny, the comment by this "Jeff" person (Mr. FM's alter-ego, perhaps??) took the cake!


Cynthia -- this could make a pizza lover out of anyone!

Jeff -- Your "creative" view of reality keeps me on my toes. xoxo

Mom -- Sure, maybe in my spare time ;)

Fatemeh -- trying to stoke the fires of competition in the FM household, eh?

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