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June 27, 2007



Do I have the best girlfriend, or what?!? Damn, gotta run, my earth worm squad just sent out a distress signal.

Jennifer Jeffrey

Yes, you have the best girlfriend EVER! Happy Birthday, Jeff! I might have to forward this list to someone who could use a few pointers (cough), especially on items 35 & 18.


Happy Birthday, Mr. FM! What a lovely way to express it, loved the list!


Wow. Time to bump Catherine off and move in with Jeff. Fred can only do #s 27, 26, 22, 21 and 8. Please ask Jeff to give Fred lessons in #s 4, 13, 35 and 36. Happy Birthday Jeff!


Aw, what a sweet post -- Happy Birthday Jeff!


You are too cute! Best wishes to Mr. FM and the woman who loves him.


How sweet! I seriously teared up a bit. Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. FM!


What better birthday present than this! As for me, the thing that I love about Mr. FM is that he loves you!

little sister

happy birthday to my favorite brother-kind of-in law!


Wow. This made me tear up and smile all at once.

Happy birthday, Jeff. We can't wait to hit dinner with you guys again, soon!

F & C


Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes. Mr. FM was very happy to get them all.


Your list has made me love Mr. FM too. Happy birthday! Also I agree, can Mr. FM schedule a class on 35 and 36?


Happy, happy birthday, Mr. Man Legs.

shuna fish lydon

{I know I'm not supposed to say how handsome he is, too, so I'll put it in these nifty brackets.}

Happy Birthday Jeff! Thanks for bringing in summer.

What a gorgeous post this is. thank you for warming me from afar.

malachy walsh

happy b'day Mr. Food Musings! (He is in GOOD hands.)


Well, late to the party (all work and no blogs make Tana a dull girl), but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jeff. I have to say, my guy's list is pretty long, too, and it makes me glad to know that you both have so much love to give.



Yeah-your list is really great-Happy B'day to Mr. FM!! sounds like a winner. I enjoy reading your blog-good job!!

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