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April 03, 2007



I'm not at all surprised at that since I often check comments to your blog, & that recipe has really generated a LOT of comments. Procrastination can sometimes be good for the soul! So can scream therapy! Ha!


I have to say that the paneer search is what led me here in the first place (and it did turn out lovely) as my own personal form of procrastination!


Megan -- I'm so glad you have come and stayed!

Mom -- Dancing with the Stars was my procrastination technique yesterday. It's so silly, but so much fun to watch! I can't believe I'm so hooked!


Mine is ... "hedonia." I guess it's a good thing they find me with that search! Subsequent food-related terms that have garnered a lot of hits are "mujadara," "escarole soup," "deviled eggs," "fig jam," "tagine" and "roast chicken." And quite a number of people searching "butterfly effect 3" which I think has more to do with Ashton Kutcher than my personal food history.


Interesting that you get such a lot of hits from common phrases (I'm thinking of roast chicken more than mujadara). I think my other frequent recipe hits are from peach cobbler and mango lassi -- maybe I should change this to an Indian food blog?


That's how I found you! Have made it several times, my only complaint/concern (in case I'm doing something wrong) is the very small yield.

Btw, I'm writing this from a youth hostel in Tokyo, hours before I board a plane to move back home (WA state) after living in Japan for 4 years, being reunited with my husband (who moved home last June) and my dog (who moved home last March). YAY for April 7, 2007!


Erika -- hi again! You must be so excited. I remember what it was like when I flew home after only a year in Moscow. Boy was I ready to land on familiar ground. Happy homecoming!

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