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April 02, 2007



This salad looks delicious--light & refreshing. The strawberries must be divine!


You're a brave soul keeping cheesey poofs on hand.

Have you ever tried Poppycock (toffee/caramel popcorn with all sorts of nuts)? I'm certain some satanic powers of delicousness are used in the manufacturing process. Each handful has infiniti calories and its impossible to stop eating.


Yes, I've had Poppycock--yummo! Now they have it (or something almost like it) drizzled with chocolate. Oh, Momma!


Doug - yes, well, now there aren't any more cheesy demons to worry with, are there? As for Poppycock, never heard of it. And I'll go on record saying I must never, ever buy any...

Mom - ...especially not the kind drizzled with chocolate. That would spell b-i-g trouble.

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