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April 16, 2007



Ah, I see, so I get it. Now I understand the meaning of Jeff's ambition'to make a half way decent record'! It means that Jeff's 'recording' of events, is full of 'half truths' maybe?. Sorry, Catherine, that I fell for his little porkies originally, but I have learnt a thing or two about the pair of you over the last couple of days, not least that together you make a hilarious comic duo.

Love it

Thanks for assisting us English

Sam x


You make me laugh! I guess this is how my hubby would do things if he decided to start cooking!!

Jeff Shattuck

I would comment in depth, but I'm off to hunt the evening meal with only a pocket knife and a fork. Hark, I hear my trusty hunting hound calling. Away!


This nearly rivals the new girlfriend story for laughs--thoroughly entertaining!!!


Sam -- yes, my jaw dropped (and my pride ached!) when I realized you'd fallen for his macho re-envisioning of events. Glad to have shown you the light and made you laugh in the process. Hope Zuni was good -- there were no tables when we got there so went to Paul K instead.

Jenny -- well, he does make a mean daiquiri, which I always appreciate!

Jeff -- let me know if you need me to Mapquest Whole Foods for you.

Mom -- glad you liked it! If you've read his version, you'll see I had to set things straight. Ahem.


Very funny! Two very different perspectives on the same meal...although I'm inclined to believe yours more!


Cindy - You are clearly of above average intelligence and I can only hope the other readers of Mr. FM's account will possess such good instincts.


Dueling blogs? Oh, this is good fun. I thought the variances would be slight...but they are rather...dramatic. What is that they say about crimes/catastrophes and crowds? Nobody sees the same thing--I've always been mystified by that. We could get all philosophical about it all. But really these are 2 verrrry diff't accounts. I s'pose that keeps things interesting; like a good screwball comedy.


E&G -- Dramatic indeed. There is a lot of drama in our household on a pretty regular basis. I guess we are both a bit given to it...one of us more than the other (not that I'm naming any names!). Hope you enjoyed the war of words!

Amy K

Tee hee - great post Catherine - this made me laugh out loud. And even funnier if you read his "account."


Amy K -- Laughter is the best medicine. (Though personally, I find that being right is pretty good for what ails you, too.)

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