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March 07, 2007


little sister

i can't WAIT to hear about the Kinch/Passard dinner. sigh. if i could only be a fly on the wall (not that there would ever be flies at Manresa)


well - I am looking forward to number 5 too,

And number 4 I'll whore with you.

Number 3 - And as for poco dolce, the owner(?) Kathy even came to Yield when everyone was waiting outside before we let you in , and apparently spoke to Sean/shared his brolly a while. But the rest of us missed her. She inteneded to return later but never did I am sure if you contacted her she would be delighted.

I seriously want to find out about this:
have you seen these anywhere yet. Tangerine Dream? Hell yeah this sounds like my PERFECT idea of a perfect chocolate.

You know, I am lucky, sometimes I nip a block to Yield under the pretension I need a night cap but really its because I need some Poco Dolce.

Number 2 - well I've spent the day making jam with June, so that almost counts

and #1 - well that's a new one on me, a new one that sounds quite delightful. I'll have to put it on my list...


LS -- you'll be hearing about it in every gory detail.

Sam -- if I am in such good company, it must say something about my taste. But seriously, I know you would love the Mariner -- it is, hands down, the best cocktail I've had in ages, since I tried Hangar One Kaffir Lime vodka and soda. And I do plan to contact Poco Dolce to learn more.


Mr. Food Musings owns a suit? :-)

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