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March 14, 2007



Dude, that was SO cool... I was so psyched that I had to high-five him when it was all over!

(I love this post, btw... as if that's any surprise)


Super! What a great way to kiss off the past lousy year & look ahead to the new happy one!


I am so BUMMED, still, at the idiot who rammed my car whilst I was on my way (in my fire-jumping shoes I might add - I had specially chosen shoes suitable for jumping that day), thereby stopping me from attending.
And all I had to eat for dinner after that was toast. Hmmph, sulk.


ps - does that mean my year is going to remain as lousy as it started, cos I didn't jump the fire.? Man, that sucks all the more.


Fatemeh -- thank you so much for inviting us, we are both really glad we did it!

Mom -- Amen!

Sam -- I vote for you lining up a few candles on the kitchen floor. Who says you have to do it in a crowd? BTW I love that you wore special fire-jumping shoes; Stephanie was worried her downtrodden heels might make her slip and fall, but luckily she too made it over the dangerous inferno with inches to spare.

little sister

what a leap forward (har har), but seriously, congrats-it sounds like a fun evening!


It was really wonderful -- you two are on the road to having a well-deserved, fabulous year.

The food was awesome, the trek to the car with C was awesome -- he'll never offer to ride with us again -- and the wine all night was awesome. Cat, I've been meaning to email you how much I enjoyed talking TV with you and Mr. Food Musings. I love fellow sci-finatics.


Well I don't know about C but I don't even want to ride with you! Yes, obsessive TV chatter is good for the soul, innit? We have added Farscape to our queue; I'm a little worried -- season 1 is 11 discs -- not episodes, discs! -- but we're going for it. And Sunday's Battlestar? You were right...zzzz... Obviously I need to start reading TWoP immediately.


11 disk, yes, but don't be scared -- there are only two eps per disk because that's the way they did TV DVDs way back in the day.


definately a good omen - great post!

Amy Sherman

Wow. I wish I had known about it. Must put on my calendar for next year.

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