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March 13, 2007



Don't quote me on this, but I believe that the chocolate sauce served with the carrots included a bit of langoustine broth. (Our server told us that it was broth from the monkfish served earlier, but Joy's table was informed that it was langoustine broth -- which is consistent with the rumors that had been circulating in advance of the dinner.)

In my view, the monkfish was far and away the best dish of the evening, and largely because of the mustard sauce (although the fish was certainly cooked perfectly as well).


NS, that would make sense, because when I ran into David in February he said Passard's dessert would include chocolate, carrots and langoustine. Whatever was in that sauce, it was mind-blowingly good. If only it had been carrot cake, or some other such delectable creation, sitting on top...


I can't get the chocolate sauce out of my brain. I think that chocolate was incredible too. I could have had just a bowl of the sauce. Like dessert soup.

When I asked J&F's table how they knew it had langoustine in it they told me 'because it says so on the menu',
not on my menu it didn't. I have to ask them about this a bein tot, it certainly didnt taste of langoustine, so if it was in there I have to question why?

did you have two long soft carrots and one short fat hard unedible carrot on your plate? I did and so did F's C. Well actually his had shot across the table and landed on the tablecloth to be quite precise.


Sam -- langoustine was not on my menu, either. All my carrots, at least insofar as I recall, were long and slender and soft. Thank God; I am already prone to tossing food off my plate quite by accident. I wonder if Bittersweet or Fog City sell the Araguani chocolate?


OK... so I have to ask what you thought of the seaweed brioche?


I. Loved. It. It was one of my favorite things of the entire meal. Buttery, of course, both crumby and slightly crisp on the edges, and the seaweed added a lovely salty, savory quality. I once had seaweed-flecked crackers at bushi-tei, which I also adored. It is a genius combination. And the farmstead butter, specially churned by Andante Dairy in Sonoma, was lovely to slather all over top.


Yes, actually, I felt that the brioche with all it's perfection was pretty much a delivery system for the more perfect butter.


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