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February 08, 2007



wow! that place sounds good. Have you been to Incanto and if so can you compare the two?


Hi Ann, yes, I have been to Incanto. Here's the link to the write-up I did. You will definitely get more unusual, imaginative food at Incanto. I prefer the atmosphere at Perbacco, which also had better service on our visit. The food at both is impeccable.


Actually the caramel gelato with black sea salt was clearly just made for ME! It's safe and sound tucked up inside my tummy as I write this.

Perbacco is nothing like Incanto in my mind.

Thanks for the rec Catherine - we enjoyed it and Fred LOVED it off the bat. It's not often he is so pleased. He can't wait to go back.

I would not say the food was totally impeccable (disappointingly my celery salad, on the side of the short rib main, was withered and brown and limp instead of crunchy), but other than that most every thing was very good indeed.


I am dying for a bite of that gelato! Good to know it's worth a repeat trip. I am disappointed that they didn't knock everything out of the ballpark for you...the celery salad sounds most unappetizing.

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