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February 07, 2007



I had a look at their site. It looks so un-San Francisco. I actually had to click on "Location" to doublecheck it wasn't actually situated in a Vegas Hotel.

And its funny you mentioned Yuzu, because I was thinking of it throughout your article before that point anyway.

I wish I culd get fred to be more sushiventurous.

But I guess I should just thank my lucky stars that he actually craves moshi moshi once a week.



For whatever it's worth, I went to Yuzu shortly after reading your initial rave review, and I actually had a number of fantastic meals there over the ensuing several months. When I went back recently after a long hiatus, I was saddened to find out that things had gone completely off the rails. I'm still not sure what happened.


Sam - maybe you'd like to try Sebo with me?

NS - that's right, I remember that you had good luck, too. I know that they let their chef go (or he left, either way) and the one visit I made a few months later, explicitly to sample their desserts for the Northside's Best Food issue, was a complete and utter letdown from start to finish. Bummer.


Good luck at Sebo -- I absolutely adored it. And if you get the chance, check out Eiji, in the diminutive space where Izumi used to be, on Sanchez at 16th, behind Tangerine. (NOT Daimaru, catercorner.) I've just been the once, but really enjoyed it.


Sean - ooh, we loves us a good sushi tip around these parts! Thank you! Also on our list is Deep Sushi, North Beach Sushi, and Sushi Sam's in San Mateo (Burlingame? Shoot. Can't recall.)


maybe i would indeedy. or perbacco or should it be called perbacwow!

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