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January 16, 2007



This is lovely, Catherine. I am glad you are settling in (though no rule you can't go back to the old neighborhood for dinner, when you feel like it). But with wild boar pappardelle close at hand, I might be hanging around your new digs as well. That sounds good!


Have you ever been to Frascati (on Hyde, across from Luella)? Definitely the sort of place where the owners remember you after your first visit and always make an effort to find a table for you even when the place is packed. And the bread pudding is to die for...


This was the time, & this was the place! That's all there is to it!


Tea - Thank you! You are always there with a pat of encouragement for the writing, which is so appreciated. I have already been back a zillion times...several of those to the grocery store. Old habits die hard!

Teri - Yes, I have been to Frascati several times (never had the bread pudding, oops!). I have a feeling we should put that on our must-retry list. Thanks for the reminder!

Mom - that's my feeling, too.


You and Mr. FM have inspired my man and I to look for a bigger place here in Brooklyn. We are so reluctant to leave our beautiful little nabe for exactly the same reasons you wrote about. But, now I'm convinced we can settle in somewhere else and make it home.


Ah Frascati - the first place I ever met Catherine. The friendship is far more memorable than the food.

What about zarzuela? we need someone to check how is it is doing?
And there was a sushi bar on Union before Swansons that was good.
And sushi groove too.

I like Antica, havent been in a while but i always liked it when I did.


Mina - I was really apprehensive, until we found what was clearly meant to be our new space. Once that happened, we realized we needed a big change and that was that. No looking back.

Sam - That's right! I had forgotten about our dinner at Frascati. I like Sushi Groove but it's so loud (am I getting old?). We can put Zarzuela on our must try list. this weekend we're heading over to Hime, the new Japanese place on Lombard that's getting all the hype.

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