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December 12, 2006


Finnegans Wake

"# of holiday card envelopes licked: 58
# of holiday cards mailed: 50"

So you licked 8 envelopes just for fun?

Finnegans Wake

The above list sounds like a future song in the making. Some bastard child of "The 12 Days of Christmas" and "Alice's Restaurant."


Finnegans Wake -- that makes 8 errant friends who refuse to email me their updated mailing addresses...grr...

Finnegans Wake

I always find that the gentle approach works in such cases. "Listen, you bastard, give me your new address. I mean, what the hell kind of friend are you anyway? Let's get together soon! XOXOX"

Congrats on the expanded living space. I sense a "crash day" looming for you and Mr. FM...


I am so delighted for you! Do post us a photo of your lovely new view, when you eventually locate the camera that is:-)


congratulations on your new space - sounds heavenly......i'm envious.

Jennifer Jeffrey

Just thinking about how wonderful your view must be gives me goosebumps. Santa has been good to you this year. And you deserve it... :-)


Alright already, can we see the aforementioned holiday note? And some details on the paint job, please...!


Dude, you TOTALLY rolled your eyes more than once at the price of shipping.

See you Saturday!


eh, maybe I rolled them twice...


I love your holiday note so much

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