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October 02, 2006


Jennifer Jeffrey

Gary Danko got only one star? I'm truly shocked. That Danko is in the same category as Quince, Terra, and Range is grievous, in my opinion. Danko is definitely on par - I think better than - Aqua.


The fact that Michael Mina and Aqua are at 2-stars while The Dining Room and Masa's are relegated to 1-star is criminal. I think that Manresa and The Dining Room should actually have been at 3-stars, while Aqua and Michael Mina (particularly the former) should have been at 1-star at most. Lots of other notable omissions and questionable inclusions -- enough for several posts, I'm sure!


Both bad and good experiences can be had in most of these places and I imagine none of us have experienced the full gamet. The more high end a place in, I imagine the better equipped they are to manage consistency in terms of food and service. If an inspector had the same unforgiveable service experience I had at Quince, Quince would be lucky to make it to the book, let alone receive a star.

I like Range, but agree that it doesn't in particular shine above comparable style restaurants like Zuni, Delfina and Coco500 in my experience.

I so could not care less about the Michelin guide.

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