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September 08, 2006



Yay!!!! And more Yay!!!! Love you guys!


Catherine -that's awesome news. I'm so glad for you both! Onward!


You guys have been to the doors of hell & have stormed right on through them with perseverance & dignity. The true measure of a person is NOT how he/she deals with life when things are going well; it is how he/she rises to meet those difficult challenges that test every fiber of your being. I have never been prouder of you two than I have been during these last 7 months!Go for the gusto & enjoy the ride!! We love you!


I am so glad for you both . . .!


I am so delighted to hear this! Wonderful news, my best to you both.


I'm so glad for your good news, Catherine.


It must be triple threat Thursday: I got comments from T, Tea, and Tana! Thanks to you all for your good wishes.


I am very glad to hear of the improvements. And always thinking of you!! peace to you.

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