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August 21, 2006



that tomato sandwich sounds wonderful. I´m more of an olive oil and maldon salt girl, but I´ll try your version for a change.


1. Chocolate!! Anything chocolate!!
2. Paula Deen's vidalia onion "soup"--you actually sigh at that first bite.
3. Coffee--preferably Starbucks NF vanilla latte--but any will do.
4. Grandma's vegetable slaw--a whole bowl of it, with plenty of salt & pepper.
5. A TIE: A Second Street hot dog (I actually CRAVED them when you were on the way!) OR turnip greens topped with green onions in vinegar with plenty of pepper!

One could actually have all those foods at the same meal if one was/were a glutton!


Fantastic list! I'm glad you decided to ignore your better instincts :) Not only have you made me even more desperate to get back to the Bay Area (Manresa and Gelato Milano!) but you've got me craving tomatoes. And can you believe I've never had a Krispy Kreme donut?


I couldn't agree more about the tomato sandwich. You really ARE a Southern girl.

: D

Me, too!


Lobstersquad - if you weren't so nice, and so obviously refined, I might be tempted to call you a heathen! (My mom even freaks out when I use wheat bread instead of white...)

Mom - the chocolate and the Second Street hot dog had me hitting my head and saying, "Duh!" Good call.

Melissa - obviously you must fly West tout de suite, my friend, and correct these egregious culinary deficits! I'd mail you a Krispy Kreme, but for sure something would get lost in the translation.

Tana - you can hide it or fight it, but you never win. As Popeye famously said, I yam what I yam!


I really enjoy to read this, a food blogger who really shows it all even if it isn't only gourmet food because I think we all have at least one thing that we love that is very very normal like your cheese and macaroni dish! Thanks!

Little Sister

ok, i've been thinking of what would make my list that you and M haven't already named. Here goes:
1.PIE! the homemade kind, i mean, with fresh, garden grown fruits and a real pie crust from scratch.

2. Afternoon tea at the Savoy in London. It's just the whole shabang wrapped up into one intensely delightful afternoon: champagne, little tea sandwiches of crisp perfection, warm scones topped with jam and clotted cream, and confections beyond your hearts desire, all accompanied by a warm pot of tea that practically refills itself. a must!

3. Steinhilber's fried shrimp. they are the best, hands down. and if you can manage to find this restuarant, you know you are a real va beach local!

4. the most simple pasta dish ever-i could eat it every night in the summer: bow tie pasta, garlic, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and a few yummy tomatoes, all chopped up and drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper.
5. chocolate and peanutbutter. whether it's a reeses cup, a reeses cup chopped up in chocolate icecream or just good ol' peanutbutter slapped over a chocolate bar, this is the most satisfying food combination i've ever tasted.


Mmm, Little Sis, you and Mom both gave me pause. Like, how could I leave the 2nd Street hot dog off my list? That was a terrible oversight, and I'd happily boot off the mac and cheese to fit it on there. Steiny's shrimp deserve to be on the list too.


Nice blog + great list!
Totally agree about that tomato sandwich, it’s my favourite, I love it! Only I always put some basil on top...=)
Have you checked my list yet?
Greetings, Julia - TastingLife


umm, catherine, I say, when are you going to take me for grapefruit sorbetto?
have you tried the mac cheese at Le Petit Robert - my favourite.
The blue pate is likeable too.


i read number 5 and had to laugh. i grew up hating tomatoes too. but now number 5 is one of my favorites. this summer I added basil to the mix and always make my sandwhich on multigrain bread. i don't get why so many people eschew this plain sandwich. I love it.

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