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August 14, 2006



Amen to joyful birthdays! They are meant to be delightful!


Happy Birthday! And why didn't I know about this??? You must allow us to prolong the celebrations so we can fete you properly!


Sorry, my dear, I get a bit shy about announcing my birthday...


belated happy birthday catherine.
hope to see you soon,
love sam x

ps - the "no photos" declaration was a bit short lived, eh?
pps - now i think i owe YOU lunch!


Happy B-day Catherine! (I must get Mr FM to give my other half a lesson in birthday gift-giving.) :-)


Sam - I know, I know, but I thought this photo was okay. Lunch sounds good anytime, but you don't owe me a thing silly girl.

Robyn - Perhaps you should say something like, oh, I don't know: "How about some jewelry? I always like the selection at [insert store name here] and lately, I'm really drawn to pieces in [insert metal here] and rings that are [insert description here]." I find that produces good results ;)


Happy belated birthday, and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!


oops - thought i posted yesterday but anyway, belated birthday wishes. glad to see you had a lovely time.


Thanks, NS & Alison!

NS - I am heading to Junnoon next week and very excited, based on your review.

Alison - I think I'm going to use one of your chutneys this week in a dish I'm crafting...thanks again.


Happy belated, I hope we get a chance to tip back some bubbles in your honor soon.


Catherine, you're a master of subtlety. ;-)


Bill - hey, open some champagne and drink it without me! Any excuse is a good one for bubbly.

Robyn - I'm old & wise enough to go with what works.


Many happy returns. Here's to a great new year for you and Mr. FM too.


Happy birthday, my dear! I am glad to hear you had a lovely day. May the year to come be filled with many of them--and with positive news on the medical front as well. Sending you all the best.


Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Good food and jewelry and a man who loves you all make for a fabulous celebration.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Junnoon.


Thank you, Amy, Tea & Jennifer!


Oy, sorry for the long absence and the clearly belated Happy Birthday.

Glad that you guys had a nice weekend - it is much deserved.

And personally, I think a girls birthday outing is in order!

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