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August 29, 2006



This post made me so happy! I grew up in Oregon, otherwise known as the hazelnut state. People in the countryside are known to hang crooked signs above their mailboxes with the magical words: "Hazelnuts for Sale" written with Magic Markers.

Since I don't have a visit up North planned in the near future, I'll have to pick up a containter of Charles' version to tide me over...


YUMMO!! Can't wait to try these!


Catherine - you have a knack for focusing on ingredients I love! One of the joys of travelling to Piemonte is cheap and tasty hazelnuts by the bushelful. I'm thinking that probably one of the online Italian food purveyors offers peeled, roasted hazelnuts from Piemonte. They're just as good (better) as the ones you have to labor over yourself, and keep quite well in the freezer. Alas, I'm on my last vacuum-packed bag. :-(

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