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August 19, 2006



I was in hysterics reading this!!! Sorry about that, but you were so vivid in your description that I just lost it! Fie on the fishmonger!!


some people apparently think I am weird for it, but I highly recommend a lovely in-season, perfectly-ripe Gwen Avocado as a companion for my heirloom and fresh italian cheese salad (I use mozzarella, but burrata would work too). In England we call it s 'Tricolore' but in the US everyone just laughs at the idea? Avocados are no trouble at all although they can be a bit slippery, but at least they don't need to be cooked, nor do you have to defrost them.

I made little bacon and filet mignon pies but fred said they werent saucy enough. At least there were no tears. Next time he can take me out for dinner. Ok - I haven't finished my wine yet but I am in the process. Meet you in 'sousedom' shortly...


I don't know whether to laugh because you are so funny, or cry because I have been as frustrated as that on more than one occasion. PLEASE tell me what happens with the fishmonger!


While I am sorry to hear of your night of crustacean frustration, I got quite the laugh out of this one (I'm laughing with you, Cat, not at you, really). I think we've all been there at one point or another--but not everyone can relate the experience with so much skill and humor. Thanks for sharing!


Hilarious! (the post, not your predicament). So - did you rain down a world of pain on the fishmonger?


Go kick that "fishmonger"'s arse, girl! There's NO excuse for shamefully bad lobster. Just none.

And Sam, I A-D-O-R-E those Gwen avocados. I'm waiting with baited breath until they come back in season. Never thought about putting them with tomatoes and burrata, though. Good thing their seasons overlap by a few weeks!


Brilliant - but oh 'fie' I have come here looking for advice on how to cook my frozen lobsters which are sitting downstairs in my fridge thawing as I type, and the only problem is my lobsters ARE pre-cooked before freezing (apparantly) and I'm desperate to know how long to _warm_ them, yet can't find a website to tell me.

This dinner is obviously going to be a disaster. Ha, ha, ha! I shall keep the take-away menus handy in reserve.

Thanks for the pre-warning. :o)


What a hoot! But oh so true - thanks for the tip on a good cheese-heading for Whole Foods NOW!

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