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August 23, 2006



Cindy's been growing some pretty tasty tomatoes this year...we'll have to bring you one next time we're up. If you're lucky, we'll get a few of Jeremy's strawberries, too...



I mean. Pretty please?


Awww, honey, I wish I could take you with me in a few weeks when I knock 1&2 off that list:).


3 would be easy to knock off the list if you came up to my digs in the middle of nowhere, BC. Salmon bbq'd the Heiltsuk way requires outside cooking anyways. Check this out to see what it looks like:



Fresh clams and oysters right on the beach...there's nothing better. Of course, you must have cold beer and a big, crackling bonfire.

As for the tomatoes. Do you have a *foot* of sunlight? There are some pretty nice planter varieties that don't need eons of space. I have to say I've got my hands so full of tom's right now that I'm making sauce by the gallon! (But I only have three planter plants and three wild jungle plants.)

Catherine Ross

What about that Coco500 squash blossom pizza? (I think I'll play again too!)

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