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July 10, 2006



Delightful!! The eggs look great, the hens look happy, & little sister may have found a new career as a photographer.


Well, I have these very same pretty eggs in my fridge right now. I have so far used them for some baking, but I haven't tried one on its own yet. Maybe for breakfast...? Good to see the eggs came from such happy hens.


Nice story, now I know where they come from. But at $6/doz at Rainbow they are expensive. Have you done a story on Clover Stornetta?


Gary, they are pricy but they hold up to market value because they're the same price as the Marin Sun Farms eggs, which are raised in much the same manner. Dave Evans, who owns MSF, put it to me this way: is $0.50 per egg really that expensive? Think about how much a plate of bacon and eggs costs you at a diner, and then think about how much that same plate would cost you at home. Even using premium ingredients, you come out ahead.

Have never done any research on Clover Stornetta, but you never know!

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