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July 21, 2006



Always great to find another good pizza place (remember the one I told you about in that tiny NC town?)! Should be relatively easy to remember that address!


Glad you made it, but it's cruel to have to read about your pizza from here! On future visits, target the ginger shortbread (zippy!), chocolate things (bread and chocolate never tasted so good), and cornmeal scones with dried cherries (and I don't usu. eat sweet stuff in the am). At the cheese counter tasting is obligatory (yay!), but go during the wk bec the crush and the wait on Sat will drive you up a wall.


I LOVE THIS PLACE! I used to go there everyday and almost didn't leave Berkeley to move into the city, then I found Arizmendi (the sister to Cheeseboard). On Sundays, they melt (or used to melt) the odd bits of cheese leftover from their counter onto their fresh sourdourgh English muffins...so divine.

I only wish I had brought my Cheeseboard cookbook with me. Very nice to find your lovely blog today!


Janice -- Those English muffins sound like they'd merit a return trip across the Bay. Hmmm, cheesy muffins for brekky, and gelato for dessert!

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