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July 04, 2006



Yum, I wanna celebrate the 4th with you guys! I hope you let us know how the chicken turns out:-)


Catherine, Good Luck with the chicken. I have to say that it gave me more trouble than any other recipe. The only secrets I can pass on to you is buy a candy thermometer to get the crisco to the proper temperature and let the chicken get to room temperature before frying.


As my eyes scanned quickly over this post, here's how I inadvertently read the last line of your third paragraph: "But anyway, you want to cook it in enough hot grease to cover the kitchen!" Good luck (especially with the cleanup)!


Mm, sounds like a perfect dinner for the Fourth. I'm yearning for some potato salad and shortcake.


Sounds like a great holiday dinner! I celebrated Canada Day with a few close friends and a potluck dinner.

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