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June 14, 2006



I am sorry catherine, but I have to strongly disagree with you. You see, I went there for lunch today and I had the salmon pizza and it TOTALLY KNOCKS THE SOCKS OFF every other 'effin' pizza in the whole wide world including the fancy pants squash blossom thingy which, yes, I have tried before and I have loved before. So, even before I read your post last thing before going to bed tonight I was kind of wondering how I might broach you tomorrow to suggest a change of meeting place for our upcoming tete-a-tete. Forget B-Super*, we are going instead to Coco500, mylady, for lunch, next week. You have to try that salmon pizza to believe it. It is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! It might be the first pizza (aside from an Amici mini which doesnt count) that I have finished the whole thing. Lip-smacking good. Oh Em Gee. I am heading to the sack to dream of it right now. Bon nuit....x


ps - for more info, I described it earlier to Luisa:



I have not yet had the salmon pizza that Sam mentions above, but in the meantime, I will wholeheartedly second your comments about the squash blossom flatbread. Truly spectacular.


Sam -- My, I don't think I have ever seen you so excited about food! S-l-o-w-l-y back away from the keyboard, and do not fret -- Coco500 it is. We are in at 1:15 and I will turn over my ordering to you and your salmon pizza fetish. It sounds divine. Maybe I will have to take home a squash blossom flat bread or get there early and eat it before you get there or something; it will be hard to give it up altogether but a two pizza lunch seems a bit lush even for us!

NS -- mmmm, isn't it sooo good? I think I dreamed about it last night. Also, I forgot to mention it in my post but must credit Fatemeh with the smarts to love their 50-50 (buttermilk panna cotta + mango + passionfruit. Oy, vey...


i love coco500 and pondered going there today (until i found out we had in in-office meeting hurrumph).....i'll definitely try their squash blossom flatbread next time i venture out! thanks catherine.


Glad to hear that Coco500 is a winner. I loved Bizou and haven't been able to muster the heart to go back as I was fearful of being disappointed (though I was pleased to hear they kept the green beans on the menu--addictive little things that they are). Okay, if you and Sam both love it, I will take the plunge.


tea - you WILL love it. even fred like his pizza (potato and teleggio) and he is a fussy one. Catherine - i can still pick you up - got nothing better to do.
btw - their cauliflower flatbread which i tried on my first visit during the spring was incredible too (even though i am not a big fan of cauliflower. Dare I say a couple of points ahead of the squash blossom one even.) They told me they change there toppings quite often, but I think I was assured the salmon would be on the menu for a little while yet.

Yes I am excited about this food. it is on a par with zuni's caramel pot de creme and A16's gnocchi and Petit robert's squid salad and Bar Crudo's chowder.


Alison and Tea -- run don't walk for that flatbread, folks.

Sam -- okay. I'll be ready at 1 with my salmon stomach on.


Okay, I just tried the salmon pizza. Sorry, Sam -- while it was admittedly very good, the squash blossom flatbread reigns supreme in my book!

Catherine Ross

LOL- that's a great story! We had a similar experience there recently with very loud neighbors who blabbed on endlessly in a manner I could only describe as self-absorbed. Sorry but the tables are just too close together! BTW, Hubby had the salmon pizza and really liked it, although he was overwelmed by the unpeeled meyer lemon at first. I'll have to try the squash blossoms next time. I'll also try the fried green bean appetizer next time - one of our noisy neighbors ordered it and it smelled really good.


it is noisy and cramped, yes, shame. we went for a late lunch the other day which i think was a good move, especially as they sat us away from the other occupied tables.
ah - now we have a huge squash blossom/salmon debate to look forward to.
when I had the SqB one it was overly salty so maybe it was an off one and I need to try again. Despite our diets, Catherine and I SHOULD do a comparative taste test i think.

thanks for testing it NS.

personally i am not a fan of the green beans, but one evening I had an immaculate salad with hazlents. Unfortunately it wasnt on the lunch menu this week.


Sam, one of the three orders of flatbread in which I've partaken over the weeks was right on the edge of being too salty, but the other two were perfect. I also share your sentiment about the green beans; I personally found them to be thoroughly unremarkable and rather disappointing...


See, I like those green beans -- although how much depends entirely on the dipping sauce offered. Lemon aoili, thumbs up. Eggplant caviar, thumbs down.

As long as we're talking favorites, the spring pea ravioli are damn good, as are the mole tacos (oy!) and the aforementioned peanut butter cups.

Little Sister

oh my god after all this back and forth, my suspense is neverending??? will i like the squash blossom flat bread or the salmon pizza better? i can't wait to find out! Let the countdown begin!

Catherine Ross

The coastal salad with coriander dressing is really good!


ah - that explains it - i didnt realise there was more than one dipping sauce pairing. We had eggplant as I recall which might explain the disappointment?
Catherine - I am bring my spare stomach with me tomorrow - did you realise lunch is in the middle of England v Sweden?
I might just have to check the score on my phone at some point ;)


Whatever you need to do, feel free. I'll see you chez moi at 1.


My order of green beans, like Sam's, came only with the eggplant dipping sauce... By the way, the halibut on the dinner menu is absolutely fantastic. The website suggests that they do a nearly identical one for lunch, although it may be presented more as a salad.


And the verdict...on a desert island, Sam would take the salmon pizza and I would take the squash blossom flatbread. That said, I must confess that I adored the salmon pizza, far more than I thought I would (not the world's biggest smoked salmon fan). It was light, and the thin slices of lemon and fennel offset the creamy fish and creme fraiche (that's a tongue twister!) was divine. The 50/50 still rocks the house, too.


the moral of the story is: the flat bread is good, the pizza is good. it is all good. the mole beef cheeks are good too. coco 500 is just good.

plus since we quite happened to bump into two other food bloggers there quite by chance, and I saw another girl dining there who had been sitting next to me for lunch last week, I can only assume they get a lot of return visitors and everyone thinks it is good. hooray for Coco 500

call me coco

hey there, ms. fm....

i was getting really good about checking the blogs for a while, but i needed to take a break after being bombarded with some of the crazies on yelp.com.

so here i am back again, reading the blogs about the restaurant in which I spend more hours than i do at home....

i wanted to say that i am thrilled that you had a good time that night. i was the host about whom you speak and i totally remember that evening.

a good friend of mine (and probably the bartender that got you the free tacos) and I were reading a book called dining out (by andrew dornenburg and karen page). In it there was an interview with our FOH hero danny meyer (of grammercy tavern fame). In the interview, Mr. Meyer says that his goal is to never let any guest leave unhappy and that every employee should have a sense of genuiune hospitality.

... well, all I can say is that I try. I many not have been super friendly tonight to the table of six that showed up 35 minutes late AND incomplete, but if someone comes in and expresses some sort of understanding and consideration for other humans, i will bend over backward to make sure they have a great time...

you definately showed that and I am glad to hear that you appreciated what we were able to do for you.

Did your sister have a good time when she came in?


Little Sister

YES! a resounding yes! i had a fabulous dinner and evening. I think my vote went to the squash blossom flatbread, but it was all divine! I can't wait to go again next time on the west coast.


Hey Coco, thanks for stopping by! Now that I know I have your ear, I'd just like to gush mercilessly over how much I, and most of my friends, love love love your restaurant. In fact, I think it's been at least 2-3 weeks since we've been in, which means we're overdue for a fix. Thanks again for being so cool that night, you totally made the difference that night between good and great -- or, considering the loud b*tch in the corner, good and horrid.

Devon Girl

Good local food can't be beaten. Glad it's enjoyed the world round. www.thelocalfoodcompany.co.uk

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