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May 21, 2006



A girl after my own heart! Now if only someone made bacon perfume...


Breakfast suggestion: toast 2 pieces of bread, spread peanut butter on one & jelly on the other, then top with 2 crisp slices of bacon to complete the "sandwich." Enjoy with a cold glass of milk. Ohhh, Mama!


As Homer would say, "MMMM bacon flavored moist towelettes!!!!"
Amy, Bacon scented perfume would give women a completely unfair advantage over men. But I say "Bring it on!"


Bill, I think we have a multi-million dollar idea for the Kleenex company.


You must be rubbing off on me--I snagged some Niman Ranch bacon at the store the other day. But I've already thrown it in the freezer--before I knew any better--so I am sure to have a bacony lump when it comes time to cook it. Ah well, it'll still taste good!

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