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May 15, 2006



This sounds sooo good--real comfort food! I must try it soon--maybe when Little Sister comes to visit!!


Wait! The spaghetti isn't local!
But you gotta do what you can do.
And you did well. :D


Well, by my standards it IS local -- it is made here in Berkeley. Even if the wheat came from elsewhere, the pasta is made here (eggs + flour etc.)


even if you made your own gnocchi (the french way) like i did, the non-local flour spoils the whole kaboodle. those locavore purists will damn you for being one small ingredient out of whack if you arent careful, so you watch out for them. I think the girl did good. LOVE the fatted C pancetta, ummm....


I'm all done being a locavore purist.
Where's me a burrito?


Yeah, I live by my own rules. I called an exemption for anything not grown here anyway, so that means if I want artichokes, I gotta hoof it to the farmer's market, but if I wants me a corn tortilla, I can have at it. Wheeee!

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