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May 19, 2006



who had broccoli rabe? i was dying for some but couldn't find any. i've been living off mariquita's all winter long, but they say it is all done now. sniff.


Hmmm, I think it was at Mariquita, but now I remember that the sign said broccoli di ciccio which isn't rabe at all, it's just baby broccoli. I'll let you know when I eat it what it turns out to be, it certainly looked like the rabe I got a few weeks back from Capay.


Life is never going to be the same again since you know about the frozen bacon trick. Imagine - a life without ever running out of bacon. Bacon any time and in everything!

It was SO GREAT hanging out with you guys yesterday - I had so much fun. I am afraid Fatemeh and I stayed a while longer over chocolates and dessert wine which the cute wine server wouldnt even charge us for.

As pim said the other day - it certainly pays to be fabulous when you go to the market. I think we had the hang of it.



Yes, it was by far the MOST fabulous day at the farmer's market, certain farmers and their hangovers notwithstanding.

I had a feeling you two were going to stay; I ended up going to Targé with R., buying up loads of cheap bangles and shoes, then stopping for a glass of wine (that became two...) and oysters Bingo at the Buckeye Grill on the way home. Then we kept our buzz going with margaritas and cheap Mexican food later on. I passed out, who knows when, feeling like I'd been drunk all day. It felt a bit like every trip I've ever taken to visit my friend in England...


In the evening I went to the co-ed poker tournament at which I drank a bottle of prosecco to myself and came second overall out of about 20 people (this never happens to me, I am usually one of the first few out) and I won 2nd prize of $90!!! Yes, drunk all day seems to pay!

The downside of all the fabulousness - my parking cost me $29 instead of the usual $2.50

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