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April 15, 2006



With spring comes the promise of rebirth....so bring it on indeed! Yippeeeee!


I am sitting at my desk at work, having a little break, reading your blog, and your post is making me cry. And my colleagues must think I am a right soppy one.


Mom -- amen.

Sam -- oh, poor you, I didn't mean to make you cry! I hope they are tears of joy, and that maybe they'll convince your colleagues you need a DAY OFF???


What is it they say?

"One small step for man, one giant step for FoodMusingskind"?

Seriously, lovely Cat, this is a great big step, and I'm so happy for you guys BOTH!


I'm so glad ya'll were able to go out for dinner.Baby steps,baby steps.


I am delighted to hear the news, my dear! Your post had me teary eyed by the end--lovely news and lovely writing. I am so pleased for you both (and now I have got to get myself to Vivande for a lemon tart--my favorite).

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