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April 21, 2006



Hmmm... local specialties are not all too common here for the typical stuff in recipes like milk, eggs, beef, chicken, etc. Everything like that has to be shipped or flown in. However, around here we have other specialities throughout the year: clams, salmon, halibut, trout, rock cod, ooligans, mussels, seaweed, ooligan grease, herring eggs, salmon eggs, various berry types. Some are harvested locally but sold elsewhere althought I suppose we could buy them here if we really wanted to: sea urchin and sea cucumber. To get any of this you tend to have to have a good resource or two (which I don't have unfortunately) but I get the odd salmon, halibut or rock cod from my colleagues with boats.
I'm sure I've had some local food specialties that most bloggers have never even heard of: seaweed soup with salmon eggs (actually quite good), baked herring egg chips (the only kind of herring eggs I'll tolerate), rice topped with dried seaweed, ooligan grease and soy sauce or clam fritters.
You know, I was promised some local deer too but the hunting trip that would have produced it never happened.


Nerissa, what in the world is ooligan grease??? If you did want to do some local eating, it sounds like you would have to miss on some pretty important food groups. But if you're interested, you could expand your "foodshed" (the are you consider local) to a larger territory, e.g. the whole of BC or the whole of Canada or something similar.


I've already talked about ooligan grease in my blog so I'll just direct you to two posts: One that discusses the product and one that has a picture of it.

You're right that I could maybe increase the size of my food shed. With some things, like fruit, that might occasionally have to spread to "North America" if I want a varied diet. I don't relish eating only apples in the winter. I like apples but not THAT much LOL. Or maybe I could learn to make some type of preserve of salmonberries, thimbleberries or blackberries. Or freeze them... hmmmmmm... Lots to consider. Oooh. greengages and crabapples too. Thanks. I'll be rethinking some things. ;-)

Devon Girl

Useful information for UK bloggers on www.thelocalfoodcompany.co.uk including what's in season each month. We've lost touch with food so much we don't even know what food in the soil looks like let alone what season it grows in.

J. Grimes

Where can I buy some Ooligan Oil? Can any one tell me?

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