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March 19, 2006



This does sound really good.I usually print out recipes that catch my eye on blogs,but I've only made a few so far.

Beth - Zen Foodism

I know what you mean about cooking from blogs. I started doing a weekend roundup post on my blog each week, just to help me keep track of all the yummy dishes I wanted to try from other bloggers. But I've only made less than 5 so far.

One was your Butternut Squash Risotto, actually. But I don't think I ever mentioned to you how much I loved it and how I've made it several times. So here's a belated THANK YOU for that scrumptious recipe, fellow blogger.

Happy Monday!


I think I read somewhere that something like only 30% of the pple who buy cookbooks actually cook from them ... the rest just like to read them. I'm sure food blogs, mags, and newspaper sections serve the same purpose. (I've got recipes from the Chron dating back to '94 - YIKES! - that I *still* haven't tried ... maybe time to ditch 'em?).

Say Catherine, when are you gonna try out that rice salad? I'm mucho curious!


Ha! I just spent a weekend looking through my "recipe file," one of those flat-bottomed hanging file folders that is 4 inches thick and weighs 7 lbs! (seriously, I weighed it) It was funny to see clippings that go back nearly two decades (and I'm not even that old, apparently I started clipping recipes in high school). Some of them are so dated they made me laugh. In the end I selected half a dozen I would like to try.

But I have been cooking off blogs something fierce. Initially I would print the recipe out but last week I broke down and dragged the laptop into the kitchen with me. Slightly difficult when I have to touch the keyboard to "wake" it up with fingers that are sticky...

I saw this recipe and thought it looked good too.


Oh, yum. This soup looks like the perfect, delectable ending to yet another rainy March day.

I do cook from blogs, with by far the most recipes coming from Food Musings--and I always love the result.

Reading this blog is one of the high points of my day. Thanks so much for writing it, Catherine.


My goodness! My mother will be thrilled to hear that her humble soup inspired you to create a dish of your own. I look forward to trying your variation!


The soup sounds yummy! I always find tasty things to cook here!

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