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March 13, 2006


Beth - Zen Foodism

Thanks for all of the practical meatball tips, Catherine! I've never made them before (gasp!) but I feel prepared to attempt them now!

At first I thought that you cooked the meatballs from the Official Sopranos Cookbook. LOL. Don't ask me how I know that such a cookbook exists! :)

Oh and I haven't watched Sunday's episode yet, so don't give away what happened!


Yum! Don't give away any of this season's episodes on the blog pls...we have to wait for DVD! :-(


Goombahs? My Sicilian grandfather would have made you "disappear" for saying that word ... but not before feeding you his famous spaghetti and meatballs. In Fall River (Rhode Island), they used to line up around the block on Sunday afternoons at the bar he owned to get a taste of his grandmother's recipe. If you promise not to say "goombahs" anymore, I will share the recipe with you ;-)


I made your spaghetti and meat balls last night.
It was great!!!
What a fun way to get back into the Sopranos!!
Thanks so much.

Little Sister

Made this last night, and it was just the thing for a cold sunday night at home with the TV. and now i have a whole bunch stowed away in the freezer for another week! I had never made meatballs before, but i only had one fall apart on me-all the tips were really helpful (and as a bonus, they were really good reheated for lunch today).

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