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March 10, 2006



I never got round to posting my lime truffle post, but i have one saved in my drafts which is entitled "They look like crap but..."

About the halving the recipe - i think i may have switched to grams from cups. I cant remember without looking inside the book, but i have a very nifty pair of scales which measure to an eigth of an ounce and covert to grams and fluid ounces too if needs be.

i might have to make some more this weekend.
although i have a glut of lemons someones tree which i need to use up first


PS I wish someone would do a class on "how to use a piping bag"


LOL! At least it ain't just me. Yours seem to have turned out better, though, when I compare finished product to finished product...


I bet these are heavenly.


These look wonderful - great photo!


I love your (and Mon. Hermé's) idea of using creme fraiche! I've been making truffles for years and have always gotten bored reducing the cream. Does it introduce any noticeable tang? (I would imagine it could be really interesting with the right flavor combinations.)

Another option for perfectly round truffles is to roll them by hand after piping or skip the piping all together and spoon out and roll the balls directly.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Olivia -- credit where credit is due -- the creme fraiche is entirely M. Hermé's idea! Because of the lime, it is hard for me to tell if there is additional tang from the c.f. I suspect if you didn't include the lime you might notice a difference if you have a really fine palate. I can also endorse the idea of rolling the balls after piping -- the ganache is pretty sturdy stuff.


Catherine -- thanks for the compliment! (At first when I saw your comment, I thought I had been posting as my alter ego. Then I realized you spell your name the same way.)


Olivia - I agree with catherine - the tang of the lime far outweighs any tang the creme fraiche would have.
I substitute creme fraiche in about 80% of recipes that call for 'cream' and sometimes you can really note the difference. It depends what else is there with it.


That is just fabulous! Er ... any leftovers to send over here?


These look and sound delicious, Catherine--and I don't even like truffles! (yes, it's true, I'm not a huge chocolate fan--I've been avoiding telling you for fear you would say that we couldn't be friends, not to mention I might seriously offend your mother). I am going to make these, really. The lime and honey with chocolate sounds divine.


I wonder if you could use Key Lime with this... they are easy to find in Florida right now... and I *love* key lime truffles.

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